Rental terms and conditions

The following conditions are part of the rental agreement:

The lessee assumes full responsibility for the rental item.
The material is not insured in the event of theft, loss or exchange. The rented material will be charged to the lessee according to the market value.
In case of theft, the hirer is obliged to report the theft to the police.
In case of partial damage of the equipment, the repair will be charged to the hirer according to the current repair price list.
The rental equipment must be paid up to and including the day of return, if delivered after 9:00 am.
Refunds for the remaining days will be made only for illness and / or injury by showing a regular medical certificate and receipt.
The bindings are adjusted and verified constantly, as required by ISO13993. The rental company does not assume any responsibility for accidents and damages that may occur. Furthermore, the hirer declares to have seen the correct adjustment of the bindings and to have ascertained their regular functioning, based on the personal data provided.
For the rental the customer is obliged to present a valid identity document.
The items carry a serial number and cannot be replaced.
The lessee declares that he has taken note of the above-mentioned regulation and in accordance with EU Regulation 2016/679 and Legislative Decree No. 196, June 30th 2003 for the protection of personal data, he authorizes the rental lessor in question to use his personal data to provide the requested service, for statistical use and to be informed in the future about market developments.